Five Biggest Myths About Obese People

1. People don't realize they are fat or why.
As Dr. Phil points out, "People who are overweight for a long time don't have a distorted body image." They are aware of their size.

2. Fat people are lazy and slow.
This is not true. You cannot make a blanket judgment about a person's motivation or character based on his/her weight.

3. All fat people eat too much.
This myth doesn't take two important factors into account: physical activity and metabolic resistance.

4. Fat people eat because they're always hungry.
As Dr. Phil says, "Its not what you are eating, but why you are overeating." Many people eat emotionally and use food as a source of comfort — which has nothing to do with hunger.

5. Fat people are always unhappy being fat.
Body image and self-image are two separate things. You can have a healthy self-image whether or not you are happy about your body image.

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