Get Out Of Denial about Your Health

Are you or someone you love putting off a visit to the doctor? If fear of knowing the truth about your health is keeping you from getting the medical attention you need, Dr. Phil has advice on how to get out of denial:

Look at the Statistics
Top 5 Killers Today: Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Lung Disease and Accidents.
The #1 Killer According to Dr. Phil: Denial.

Examine Your Family History
Did any of your immediate family members suffer or die from a condition that would predispose you to that same fatal condition? For example, if your father died young of a heart attack, you could be predisposed to having one yourself if you have a lifestyle that contributes to heart disease.

Look at Your Habits
Do you smoke, drink, overeat or fail to exercise? These behaviors are problematic on their own, but when they're coupled with a family history that increases your risk, changing your habits becomes even more critical. We all know that smoking increases your chances of developing lung disease. But if you have an immediate family member who died from smoking and you still smoke, your chances of developing a related lung disease are even greater.


Ask yourself, what could possibly be more important than living? What are you so busy doing that you can't see a doctor? You sure as heck won't be getting those things done when you're dead! Make the time to see the doctor today to improve your chances of having a tomorrow.

Stop Rationalizing Irrational Behavior
If you have a stressful job and "treat" yourself to a cigarette, a food binge or alcohol after work because you "deserve it," get real! There are healthy ways to treat yourself. Take a bubble bath, a long walk, read that book or magazine you've been meaning to, see a movie, catch up with a friend, etc.

Stop Thinking It Can't Happen To You
Most people (men especially) don't want to face the realities of their health. They tell themselves that it can't happen to them. That's probably what the victims of stroke, cancer, heart and lung disease thought too. The reality is, it happened to them and it can happen to you if you don't get out of denial and make the lifestyle changes that could save your life.

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