Happiness: A Right or a Privilege?

Jay Leno explains to Dr. Phil that he believes happiness is a privilege, not a right. "I know a lot of people are depressed because they think they're supposed to be happy all the time. But happiness is an occasional thing," says Leno. "I think if you're happy all the time, then you're never really happy. It should be something you look forward to."
He asks Dr. Phil: "Do you think happiness a right or a privilege?"
Dr. Phil says it's neither! He believes that happiness is a choice, and suggests you expand your definition of happiness. Sometimes we think happiness means giggling and having fun. But don't you also feel happy when you've had a good day's work and feel a sense of accomplishment? Happiness can be a feeling that comes from filling your days with what matters to you, living authentically, or working for what you want.

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