Has Your Friendship Turned Toxic?

If you have a friendship that has you thinking, this doesn't feel as good as it once did, take a moment to reflect on why. Has it become toxic? A healthy, dependable, close relationship with a friend can enhance your life, but if you're finding yourself having to work hard at maintaining a friendship, perhaps it's time to sever ties and move on. Dr. Phil goes over the signs that a friendship has turned toxic and gives his formula for a successful relationship:   Warning signs that a friendship has become toxic:
  • You feel bad about yourself after contact
  • Your friend is unsupportive and even demanding
  • Your friend is a taker
  • The relationship is draining, unsatisfying and stifling
  • There is unequal footing; You have no voice
  • Your friend is unreliable
  • There is a pattern of criticism
  • There is little or no respect
  Dr. Phil's Formula for a Successful Relationship: The quality of a relationship is a function of the extent to which it is based on a solid underlying friendship and meets the needs of the two people involved. "So, if you're in a relationship, the quality is going to depend on whether there is a solid, underlying friendship. And what do friends do? They share, they trust, they laugh, they have common interests. And if you're not sharing, trusting, laughing and having common interests, then you don't have a solid, underlying friendship," Dr. Phil says. There are times when close friends hit different stages in life and struggle to find the common ground they used to have. Don't force it. Consider moving on.  

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