Hoarder's Fiancé Gives Her Ultimatum: Your Junk Or Me

Twelve years after getting divorced, Kelli and Richard are set to walk down the aisle again. But Richard has given his fiancé -- who's a self-declared hoarder -- an ultimatum: get rid of your junk or me.

"Kelli has very terrible hoarding problems," says Richard. "I'm very tired of her choosing her stuff over quality of life. I don't know why she thinks these things are so important to her."

In the video above, Richard shows how their dining room table is completely buried, the garage has a pool table that can't be found because it's under piles of stuff, and their 14-year old son sleeps on the couch because his bed and room are used for storage.

"I am embarrassed to live here," says Richard, who claims that Kelli's hoarding led to their divorce. "I can't live like this anymore. This is just absolutely ridiculous."

Turning to Dr. Phil for help, he explains, "I refuse to remarry Kelli unless she stops hoarding ... I gave her the ultimatum. Everything has to be out of here or I have to find a place to live."

Will Kelli get the help she needs to deal with her obsession? Should Richard and Kelli tie the knot again, or could Kelly be too set in her hoarding ways to change them?

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