How Do You Label Yourself?

Are you the party animal, slacker or shoe addict? 

Believe it or not, labels are incredibly powerful influences in your life. You may not be consciously aware of even a fraction of the names assigned to you, whether they come from the outside world or from within.

Regardless of whether your hubby calls you a "hot mom," or your boss says you're an "alpha geek," Dr. Phil says you must acknowledge the existence of labels, challenge the "fit," and confront the impact they have on your concept of self.

"You must acknowledge the existence of labels ... and confront the impact they have on your concept of self."
" Dr. Phil

Ask yourself the following questions in order to start identifying and evaluating your labels. Write your answers down so that you can review them later.

1. How do you label yourself? Are you a career woman, a mom, an accountant, a politician? Are you a failure or a winner? Are you a "fat girl" or a "pretty girl?" Write down all the labels you attach to yourself, going back as far as you can remember.

2. Where did these labels come from? Did they come from you? Your parents? A teacher? A friend? Look at each label you wrote down in the above question, and identify where each one came from.

3. Are you living to your labels? How are your labels working for you? What are your payoffs?

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