How to Be a Good Girlfriend to Other Women

"If you want to have a good friend, then be a good friend," suggests Dr. Phil. Here's more of his advice:
  • Quit making snap judgments. Don't be so critical of other women. Don't look at them as competitors.
  • Talk about mutual interests. That can be a tool to overcome any snap judgments that may have been made.
  • Be supportive and accepting. Instead of taking out your stress on the people you love most, use each other as support systems.
  • Make amends. Your friend may not even know if you feel betrayed, so talk about it when there's a problem.
  • Stop gossiping and talking about others behind their back.
  • Ask yourself: How did you get to have the personality you have? Only then can you own the result, which affects how other people respond to you. Rather than blaming others for how they perceive you, take a look at how you present yourself and engage others.
  • Remember that you teach people how to treat you.
  • Be your authentic self.
  • Monitor how much time you spend talking about yourself, because everybody, to some degree, likes to be focused on.
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