How to Spot a Drama Queen

Are you a drama queen? Or do you know one? In his book Life Strategies, Dr. Phil looks at different ways in which people engage the world. These are some signs of a drama queen:



  • None of their life events, even the ordinary ones, are ordinary. (They could create drama from watching paint dry!)
  • Every sickness they have is the worst the doctor has ever seen.
  • They have to be the center of attention and are insecure.
  • They thrive on crisis.
  • Every comment made to them is either the sweetest, warmest thing they have ever heard or the rudest, most vicious attack imaginable.
  • They engage the world in such a way as to sacrifice all credibility. Those around them soon recognize their histrionics, and discount anything and everything they say.
  • They are overanimated and act out scenes.
  • People respond to them with lots of smiles, nods and eye rolls.
  • They wear their history on their sleeve.



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