Identify Your Parenting Style

Below you will find 30 statements describing various aspects of parenting behavior. Read them carefully and rate how well they describe how you parent. 

Some of these statements may sound negative or disapproving, but these items may not be as they appear. No matter how negative a statement might sound, don't avoid the truth if you think a particular statement applies to you. In other words, don't mark the answer you consider to be the most socially desirable. You are the only person who will see your results, so it is to your advantage to be as honest as possible. The goal of this assessment is to identify your dominant parenting style, not to look for any downside or negative labeling regarding how you parent your children.

For each statement, choose: Agree (A), Mostly Agree (MA), Mostly Disagree (MD) or Disagree (D), by circling the number underneath the letter.

Click here to download the parenting quiz, then find out if your style clashes or meshes with your child here.

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