Is Your Lifestyle Making You Fat?

You can't be overweight without a lifestyle that supports it. Do you set up your life to be fat? Dr. Phil's quiz will help you understand what's feeding your weight problems. Answer these questions honestly — and get ready to get real about fat.

  • Do you keep lots of junk food in your house?

  • Does your desk drawer look like a 7-Eleven?

  • Do you have no allotted time for working out?

  • Do you get up late and have a chaotic life?

  • Are your clothes expandable so you can grow into them?

  • Is your time spent doing sedentary things like watching TV?

  • Do you eat until the activity is over, instead of stopping when you're full?

  • Is your social life defined by food instead of activities?

  • Do you choose restaurants with buffets and large portions?

If you answered yes to one or more:
Your lifestyle is contributing negatively to your weight. It's time to stop making excuses and take action.

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