Key #6: Intentional Exercise

Prioritize exercise in your life. It is just too powerful a fat fighter for you not to have it on your side. There is absolutely no way you can control your weight for a lifetime without it. This key is very straightforward: regular, intentional exercise is a big deal, a huge deal. It unlocks the door to body control " a state of fitness in which your body is metabolically geared for losing weight and keeping it off, and is flowing with energy and vitality. A common denominator among people who successfully manage their weight and stay fit is that they exercise as a matter of habit. Failure to put exercise at the top of your priority list, or leaving it off the list altogether, is a deal breaker, because you're cheating yourself not just out of a way to shed the necessary pounds, but also a way to stabilize a normal weight and stay healthy for a lifetime. Are you doing enough exercise? To assess your current level of activity, take Dr. Phil's Exercise Audit. If you've never exercised regularly, or at least not in a while, you'll need to break yourself in gently and gradually. Dr. Phil suggests you consult with your physician, particularly if you have any chronic health problems. Start today, and in a time span as brief as 10 minutes in your workout, you will feel better, you will be energized, you will have a better frame of mind and outlook on what lies ahead. Click here for Dr. Phil's sample exercise program for beginners.Keep track of your workout with Dr. Phil's workout diary.
For more on key six, intentional exercise, go to Chapter 9 in The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.    
Robert Reames, the Weight Loss Challenge trainer, has fitness tips for you.

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