Marriage Inventory Quiz

Is your marriage headed down the aisle of divorce? Dr. Phil shares the six quickest ways to ruin a marriage. Take the quiz and find out if your relationship is at risk.

1. Do You Control or Abuse Your Spouse? Controlling people often participate in emotional extortion: "Agree with me, or else...." For the good of your relationship, sometimes it's best to agree to disagree.

2. Do You and Your Spouse Define Your Relationship with Jealousy and Insecurity?
Jealousy is a poorly disguised need for power and control. You have more power in your love, respect, personality and magnetism than you do in control.

3. Do You Lie and Deceive Your Spouse about Money? "I have a philosophy. People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing," states Dr. Phil. Take responsibility for your actions.

4. Do you involve your in-laws inappropriately?
Don’t go running to your parents with your marital problems. You’ve got to respect some boundaries in your relationship.

5. Do You and Your Spouse Fail to be a United Parenting Front?
“Children are devious little critters, and they know how to divide and conquer,” Dr. Phil says. Playing good cop, bad cop confuses the kids. Also, when you fight in front of the children, it changes who they are.

6. Do You Ignore Your Spouse’s Intimacy and Sexual Needs?
A parent-child relationship is not sexy. "No woman wants to go jump in bed with Daddy,” Dr. Phil says. “I believe that a couple’s relationship in the bedroom is a direct reflection of the rest of their relationship … Intimacy is really vulnerability. It’s when you let your guard down, you let somebody in close, you share things in a physical way, and if you spend all day [fighting], it’s hard to [be relaxed]. That’s not going to happen until everything else happens.”

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