Measuring Your Child's IQ

"Intelligence Quotient" (IQ) is a score that reflects how "smart" a person is as compared to others when measured by a particular test or set of challenges. As long as you do not over-interpret IQ, well-designed and standardized intelligence tests are among the most accurate of all psychological tests and assessments.

The following IQ test was designed by Dr. Phil's former professor and mentor, Dr. Frank Lawlis. It was created to evaluate children between the ages of 5 and 16 who are functioning within a broad range of cognitive development.

What you are about to do with your child, through this test, will be a fascinating and enlightening experience, one that helps you understand what your child's intellectual abilities and aptitudes may be.

Click here to download a copy of the test, the directions and scoring criteria (Adobe Acrobat is required. Click here to download the latest version.)

This IQ test was designed for the parent to use, and although its psychometric properties for development were consistent with those used in professional tests, the test is not considered for professional use. It cannot be used for application for jobs, schools or membership in organizations that require intellectual testing. It is solely for the purposes of helping parents understand the cognitive status of their children in general terms for their use in their guidance for their children.

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