Mental Health Matters

Your mental health matters. Can you relate to the topics listed below? Don't suffer in silence. Watch the videos and explore the Web site for answers and support.


Sleep Disorders

Find out the benefits of getting a good night sleep, and get tips to get some Zs! 

Get Better Sleep!


Learn anger management to express your emotions in a controlled and healthy way.

Managing Your Anger


Action steps to take if you think your loved one is an addict.

Addiction Support

Addiction Resources

Mental Illness Myths

Dr. Phil separates fact from fiction surrounding mental illness.

Find support from others who understand you.

General and Mental Health Resources

Learned Helplessness

The "give up" spirit " a state of mind in which you believe your circumstances are so permanent, so unchangeable, that you can't do anything about them " is often seen in people who are in abusive relationships. There are ways out. Learn the steps to overcome your situation.

If you're an abuse survivor, get support here.

What to Do if You Are Being Abused


Dr. Phil describes causes and warning signs, and offers treatment options.

Eating Disorder Resources

Teen Depression

Depression affects an estimated two million teens in America. Learn the signs to watch for and what you can do if you suspect your teen is suffering.

Share advice and support with other parents of troubled teens.

Top Five Warning Signs that Your Child is in Trouble

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
There is a difference between anxious moments and fear that overwhelms you all the time. Find out when your emotions become a disorder and how to treat your anxiety.

Join those who understand your anxieties.

Anxiety Disorder Resources

Dr. Phil explains the difference between having a bad day and suffering from clinical depression. Learn the causes, warning signs and treatment options.

Share your struggles.

General and Mental Health Resources


Find out the steps to take to make it through your grief.

Share your grief with others and find support to help you recover.

Action Plan for Getting Back to Better Days

ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Dr. Phil describes the symptoms of the condition, as seen in children and offers tips for helping your child.

Share your experiences and advice with other parents of children with ADD or ADHD.

Advice for Parents of ADD/ADHD Children

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