Mom: ‘I Despise My Daughter’s Best Friend’

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Playing Mom: ‘I Despise My Daughter’s Best Friend’
Rachel claims her daughter, Shaila, is being belittled, mistreated and “beaten down” – all because of her so-called best friend, Destinee.

“I despise my daughter’s best friend, Destinee,” Rachel says. “She has manipulated Shaila since the age of 10, 11. That’s when they started becoming friends. She has brainwashed Shaila into believing she is her only friend.”

According to Rachel, not only does Destinee tell now-20-year-old Shaila what to do, but Rachel claims Destinee is also verbally abusive toward her daughter.

“Destinee diminishes her self-esteem. She will tell her you are stupid, an idiot, lazy,” Rachel claims. “When Destinee is unhappy with something Shaila does, she gets right in her face … Every word is a horrible swear word that I can’t even repeat.”

Destinee, however, says her best friend’s mother's allegations are absolutely wrong.

“I’m not controlling by any means. I do support Shaila and the decisions that she makes,” Destinee tells Dr. Phil. “I’m not abusive.”

But Rachel claims things got worse when the two longtime friends decided to move in together.

“I know Shaila is afraid to go home sometimes, just in fear of physical violence,” Rachel claims.

Watch the video above as Rachel discusses why she thinks Destinee is “the devil.”  

What does Dr. Phil think about Destinee and Shaila’s relationship?

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