Mom Says Identical Twin Daughters Are Complete Opposites: ‘One is A College Honors Student And The Other Might Be A Sugar Baby And Drop Out!’

Identical twins Shaylen and Skyler say they were close growing up – so close, in fact, that friends could barely tell them apart.

“My sister Shaylen and I went everywhere together and told each other everything,” Skyler says, with Shaylen adding the two shared “a special bond” and could “finish each other’s sentences.”

But now, at 22, the girls couldn’t be more different, according to their mother, Sheri.

While Shaylen is a college honors student preparing for graduation and planning her wedding, Skyler –who calls herself the “bad twin” – is partying, sleeping in her car, getting arrested for multiple DUIs, and according to her mother, living a secret double life, after Sheri claims she discovered explicit text messages with strange men on Skyler’s phone.

“I discovered naked photos and graphic videos,” Sheri claims of what she found on Skyler’s phone. “I found nude photos she sent to people and had received from people. There were hundreds of text messages asking for money.”

Additionally, Sheri found out that Skyler had created an online profile on a “sugar baby” website. Skyler admits to creating a profile on the site, but says she didn’t know it was a “sugar baby” website.


“I was horrified,” Sheri says. “I wanted to cut her out of my life.”

“No, I’m not a sugar baby,” Skyler insists. “If my mom thinks I was asking people for money, if it happened or not, it’s none of her business. I have male friends and I have a sex life.”

While Skyler has been arrested for three DUIs in two years, and has been to rehab three times, sister Shaylen says she is afraid of what will happen to her twin if Skyler continues living what she calls a “secret double life.”

“My fear is that if she keeps meeting up with men that she doesn’t know, someone will rape her or someone will kill her,” Shaylen says.

Can Dr. Phil help Skyler get her life back on the right track? Plus, he offers a stern warning to Skyler about drinking and driving, and his message about change for the family. Watch more from Monday’s episode here.

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