Potty Train Your Child In Less Than a Day

What You Need

  • A doll that wets
  • A potty chair
  • Big boy/girl underwear (instead of diapers)
  • Lots of liquids for your child and the doll to drink **Note that the following instructions using liquids also apply to potty training for bowel movements.


Consider Before You Begin

  • Development: The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests waiting until 2 years of age to potty train.
  • Modeling: You can demonstrate or have the doll demonstrate the process of "going potty."
  • Motivation: Find out who your child's superhero is. The hero will provide the motivation in this process.
  • Step 1: Teach a Doll That Wets Your child will learn by teaching the doll how to go potty. Have your child name the doll and give it something to drink. Then walk the doll to the potty chair with your child. Pull the doll's "big kid" underwear down and watch the doll go potty together.
  • Step 2: Throw the Doll a Potty Party! When the doll successfully goes potty, throw a potty party! Make it a big blowout with party hats, horns and celebrate. Give lots of attention to the doll so that your child understands that going potty is a good thing. Let your child know that when he goes potty, he will have a potty party too. Not only that, your child gets to call his favorite superhero to report the good news!
  • Step 3: Get Rid of the Diapers At the beginning of the process you placed underwear on your child's doll. Now it's time to take away the diapers and put underwear on your child.

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  • Step 4: Drink Lots of Fluids Give your child plenty of fluids to drink. The sooner he has to go potty, the sooner you can begin potty training.
  • Step 5: Ten Trips to Potty When Accident Ask your child if he needs to go potty. Your child might say no and that's OK. Because you've given your child plenty of fluids, he will soon need to go. If your child has an accident in his underwear, don't scold him. You want this to be a positive experience. Instead, take your child to the potty, pull his underwear down, and have your child sit down. Do this 10 times. This builds muscle memory and your child will eventually go.
  • Step 6: Let the Celebration Begin! When your child successfully goes potty, throw him a potty party. Most importantly, your child can now call his favorite superhero and tell the hero about what he just did! Enlist the help of a friend or relative to play the hero and take the phone call. When your child has an accident, simply take him/her to the bathroom ten times in a row as you did before. This will continue to build muscle memory. And don't forget to keep up the positive reinforcement.

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