Prevent Teen Love Obsessions

In today's society, children are growing up faster than ever and are often thrust into adult relationships before they're mature enough to handle them. Young adults get  in over their heads, and many times when they fall in love, they fear they'll fall apart if they break up. Parents: if you notice your teen obsessively texting or isolating from friends and family, follow these steps to prevent him or her from becoming too involved in a relationship:  


  • Talk Openly with Your Teen about His or Her Love Interest
  • Don't Be Judgmental It's going to be hard to find somebody good enough for your child, but try not to be judgmental about this.
  • Discuss the Benefits of a Balanced Relationship Let your child know there has to be give and take in a relationship.
  • Set Limits on the Cell Phone and Internet Trust is earned, and the leash should be short until you know your child is making good decisions.
  • Suggest and Support Activities with a Variety of Friends If your child spends time with her friends, she will talk about what's going on in her relationship. If her friends see red flags, they'll point them out and say that something is not right.
  • Help and Support Your Teen to Maintain a Hobby Suggest that your child find a sport he or she likes to play or another activity like drama, art or volunteering. It is important to avoid letting your children become isolated or getting too far ahead of themselves too quick.

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