Quiz: Are You a Bad Girl?

Are you a bad girl? The following quiz from Dr. Carole Lieberman, author of Bad Girls, can assess if you're a wannabe bad girl, a bad girl, a very bad girl or a man-eater.  

The Bad Girl Test For each item that describes you, circle the "BG".

You have a predisposition to becoming a bad girl if you:

  1. Were angry toward your father growing up  BG
  2. Wished your father could have given you more BG
  3. Thought your father should have given you more BG
  4. Approach men with a chip on your shoulder  BG
  5. Were hurt by men " father, brother, men you dated BG
  6. Have been hurt by a bad boy and are looking for a good boy to lick your wounds BG
  7. Were sexually abused as a child BG
  8. Were physically abused as a child  BG
  9. Felt neglected growing up BG
  10. Have been dumped by men whom you still loved BG
  11. Were jealous of the love and attention your father gave your mother    BG
  12. Saw your father treat your mother badly and want to get back at men for this  BG
  13. Saw your mother treat your father badly BG
  14. Saw your mother manipulate your father to get what she wants BG
  15. Hear your biological clock ticking loudly  BG
  16. Feel scared or angry about not being able to attain the lifestyle you envy BG
  17. Feel entitled to a life of luxury  BG
  18. Are addicted to alcohol or drugs (street or prescription)  BG
  19. Use your sexuality to get what you want   BG
  20. Use withholding sex as a weapon to manipulate men BG
  21. Are married but want another man  BG
  22. Are afraid of making a commitment to a man to get married  BG
  23. Are desperate to have a husband and a white picket fence BG
  24. Are not careful about birth control, hoping pregnancy will snag a man BG
  25. Enjoy the thrill of stealing some other woman's husband  BG
  26. Feign helplessness to get a man to rescue you  BG
  27. Go after men who are at least 10 years younger BG
  28. Emasculate men to control them  BG
  29. Take revenge if you get dumped  BG
  30. Stalk a man to get him to come back to you or to hurt him  BG
  31. Want to be like a man, able to have sex without falling in love BG
  32. See men as a buffet table and want to devour everything BG
  33. Feel that you have to manipulate a man into loving you because you are not loveable enough for yourself  BG
Results If you scored:

1 - 5: You're a Wannabe Bad Girl 6 -10: You're a Bad Girl 11 - 20: You're a very Bad Girl 21 or more: You're a Man-Eater

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