Quiz: Are You at Risk for an Eating Disorder?

Dr. Frank Lawlis is the chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and a consultant for the show. He offers this quiz to determine if you or someone you love may be at risk for developing an eating disorder:

1. Do you think about everything you eat with the fear of gaining weight?
2. Do you check the calories on everything you eat in trying to control your weight?
3. Do you skip meals to lose weight?
4. Are you afraid you will lose control of how much you eat and get mad at yourself when you eat too much?
5. Do you feel guilty or punish yourself after you eat?
6. Do you exercise excessively?
7. Do you weigh yourself at least once a day?
8. Do you freak out when the scale says you have gained more weight since the previous week?
9. Do you vomit purposefully to keep from taking in calories?
10. Do you take diet pills or laxatives for an extended period of time?
11. Do you spend increasingly more time in the bathroom?
12. Do you avoid food or social situations that involve food?
13. Do you eat alone, or are you afraid for people to see you eat?
14. Do you experience frequent mood swings?
15. Is your mindset that you are on the verge of being overweight, regardless of what anyone tells you or other external signs?

If you answered yes to most of these, you may be at risk for developing an eating disorder. Seek help from a professional now. Here is a place to start.

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