Quiz: Does Your Child Idolize a Celebrity?

While it is natural for children to be interested in pop culture icons, Dr. Phil emphasizes that there must be balance in how much kids look to outside sources for inspiration and validation. He encourages parents to help their children see what makes them unique and special. If you are concerned about your child's obsession with celebrities, ask the following questions:
  • Does your child lack a distinct personality and seem to be extremely focused on one or more famous people?
  • Does she lack distinction to recognize how she is different from other people?
  • Does your child fantasize about being the person she idolizes?
  • Does your child fantasize about an imaginary relationship with her idol?
  • Does your child fail to plug into family and school and instead escapes to the glamour world of TV, movies, internet or magazines?
  • Does your child focus excessively on the details of her idol's life as though it has a direct impact on her?

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