Relationship Problem Profile

Look at the following list of characteristics that describe a problem relationship, and list them from strongest (one) to weakest (10) in terms of presence and influence within your relationship. For example, if you believe that hostility/contempt is the strongest emotion in your relationship, it would generate a rating of one. If love is the weakest emotion in your current relationship, it would receive a ranking of a 10. Hostility/Contempt Apathy Fear Distrust Hatred Love Loneliness Guilt/Shame Anger Frustration Now get specific. Below are some problem areas that could be applied to your relationship. Rank the problem areas from one (your worst problem area) to whatever corresponds to your least problem area. For example, if you believe your biggest problem area involves trust, that would be number one. If your least problem area was sex and you have identified seven relevant areas, then sex would have a ranking of seventh. You don't have to rank everything " just the ones that you think apply most significantly to you. Next to each category, write one sentence that describes the essence or core element of the problem. Trust Sex Money Family Time Children Lack of intimacy Communications Rage Drugs/Alcohol Harshness Criticisms Fear Infidelity Boredom Lack of passion Jealousy Division of labor

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