Seven Steps for Making Resolutions Stick!

Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking or get your toxic personality under control? Dr. Phil outlines seven steps for making your resolutions a reality!

1) Have a specific goal in mind. "If you're going to have a resolution that sticks, it has to be specific as to events and behaviors. You just can't say, 'I want to do better.' What does better mean?" Dr. Phil asks. "What are the things you truly want to focus on?"

2) Set a measurable goal.
"Don't set a goal that you can't measure, because how are you going to know how you're doing?" Dr. Phil asks. "If you say, "I want to be happier,' what does that mean? The number of smiles? You want to reduce the time you spend crying? You want to reduce the time you spend yelling and screaming?"

3) Create a timeline.
"In order for something to be a goal, instead of just a dream, you've got to say what you're going to do by when. 'I'm going to lose 12 pounds by the end of the month,'" Dr. Phil explains.

4) Make your resolution something you can control.
"You can't say, 'My resolution is to have a happier marriage.' You don't control that," Dr. Phil explains. A reasonable resolution could be: "My goal is to be a happier wife," or "I'm going to be a happier husband." The marriage may or may not get better, but you can control what you're bringing to the table.

5) Program your resolution into your lifestyle.
You will never attain your goals by using willpower alone. "Set your world up for it," Dr. Phil suggests. "People who are normal weight have a lifestyle that supports that. People who are overweight have a lifestyle that supports that." 

For example, if you want to stop overeating, remove junk food from your cabinets. If you want to get out of the fats lane, choose an alternate route home so you don't drive by the drive-thru every day. "You've got to understand this is programmed into your lifestyle," Dr. Phil stresses. 

6) Have a step-by-step plan for achieving your goals. 

If your goal is to lose a lot of weight, like Dr. Phil's guest, Jill, you may feel overwhelmed when you step on the scale. Break your goal down into manageable steps. You can start slowly by setting up a circle of support, or by recording your daily food intake in an online journal. "You take little steps; one step at a time," Dr. Phil says. Get a copy of Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Steps to Weight Loss Freedom to jump start your weight loss!

7) Be accountable for your behavior.
"Somebody needs to be looking over your shoulder, and it needs to cost you," Dr. Phil says. Penalize yourself every time you light up by going without washing your hair for a few days or by going outside without makeup. "You need to have a dog in the fight, so if you don't do what you're supposed to do, there is a cost," Dr. Phil warns.

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