Sex When the Kids Are Around

"Claire" called in to ask Dr. Phil if it's OK to have sex with her boyfriend when her teenagers are home. Dr. Phil responds, "Let me give you the short answer first: No! No! No! You're asking me if it's OK for you to force your intimacy on anybody else? The answer is no, but certainly not on your teenage kids!" But Claire says, "it's a very natural act that goes on between couples. I'm sure married couples are overheard by their kids on occasion." "That's not a good thing!" Dr. Phil replies. "Actually I asked my two boys about this last night, and I thought they were going to throw up! I asked, 'How do you feel if you had to listen to Mom and I?' and they wouldn't even let me finish the sentence!" Just being asked the question practically scarred Dr. Phil's younger son! "Teenagers don't want to think about Mom having this natural relationship with someone," Dr. Phil says. "You can have sex, but you need to plan this in such a way that your kids aren't listening to it!" Dr. Phil concludes, "It is really, in my view, in poor taste, to do this in such a way that your children share in the experience."    

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