Taking Charge of Your Life

Our tip today has to do with you and managing your life. There are two things that I've learned for absolute sure. One, there is no perfection in life, so there's no point in striving for it and setting up some ridiculous goal that if it's not perfect, you're not going to do it. Number two, it's never too late to do a better job in your life. You really cannot be so far over the hill that changes cannot accumulate positively for you. When I was young, people used to say, "You know, you're rich if you have your health." I'd roll my eyes and wish I had a new car. But you know, as you get a little longer in the tooth, then for sure that starts to make a difference to you. I no longer take for granted some of the things that I can control. You don't have to revolutionize your life. Just start making small changes in your eating, exercise and stress. I promise, it will accumulate to big differences.

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