Test for Thrill-Seeking Behavior

Are you a self-described daredevil? Are you always looking for the next thrill? Take the following test:

1. Assume that you have a critical test the next day:

a. You go and drive your car 100mph for the night.

b. You begin a night long study in preparation.

c. You go to a movie and entertain yourself.

2. Assume that you have a new job:

a. You spend your time doing exciting stunts for the excitement.

b. You spend your time studying and doing things to get you ahead.

c. You get a boyfriend/girlfriend and spend your money nurturing that relationship.

3. Assume that you are in a serious love relationship, and you know you want to make a good impression.

a. You spend all your free time seeking an adrenaline rush.

b. You spend all of your free time in showing how responsible you are -- finances, being sensitive, improving communication.

c. You spend all of your time in sports.

4. Assume that you know people have an expectation of you.

a. You put your reputation and expectations aside and put yourself in dangerous situations like hanging out at bars and getting involved in dangerous plans.

b. You try to rise to the expectations by demonstrating good behavior and responsible deeds.

c. You avoid expectation but place priority on pursuing goals.

5. Assume that you are at a party and are getting drunk.

a. You continue getting drunk and drink to take risks.

b. You make arrangements to have someone drive you home and make arrangements to safeguard your date.

c. You leave the party when you start losing control.

If you gave (a.) for an answer three or more times, you are at a serious risk for thrill-seeking behavior.

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