The Parenting Test

Could you be on the path to becoming a destructive parent? If you're worried that your behavior is dangerous, answer the following questions. Your responses could indicate whether or not you need help.

  • Do you react to your child out of anger?

  • After an intense interaction, do you experience guilt?

  • Do you vent frustrations over situations where your child has no control?

  • Do you expect perfection from your child?

  • Are you impatient and/or judgmental?

  • Would you behave differently if someone were watching?

  • Is there constructive value to what you're saying to your child, or is it just negative criticism?

  • Do you have frequent interactions that leave your child feeling unloved or undervalued?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, Dr. Phil says it's an indication that you're on your way to becoming a destructive parent. Start paying closer attention to your actions and feelings before you lose control of your behavior.

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