Tips for Hotel Safety

Dr. Rosemary Erickson is a security expert who teaches seminars on hotel safety for businesswomen. Here are her tips for staying safe while in hotels:

  • Tell front desk your main concern is security.
  • Never get a room on the ground floor.
  • Try to avoid rooms where balconies connect.
  • Don’t get an adjoining room.
  • Never prop your door open to go to the ice machine.
  • Always use the deadbolt and make sure windows are locked.
  • Make sure you know the person knocking on your door. If they say they work for the hotel, get their name and call the front desk and double check. Make sure there is a reason why they’re sending an electrician/housekeeper, etc., to your room.
  • Have a doorman escort you to your room at night.
  • Be mindful of long hallways or corners you can’t see around.
  • If you see someone you’re unsure of on the floor of your room, turn around and get back on the elevator — try again later. There’s something known as “push and shove:” when you insert your electronic key, an assailant then shoves you into the room and closes the door. It’s the easiest way for a rapist to get into your room.


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