Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to a Pervert

Could you become the target of a pervert? Bob, who is using an alias, is a reformed voyeur and exhibitionist and wants to warn parents and teenage girls that they need to be aware of people like him.  He shares tips to keep you out of the eyes of Peeping Toms and flashers.

"I managed an apartment complex and had a key to every apartment," Bob says. "When I had access to the home, I would go in and set the blinds up, or the curtains up or raise a bedroom window to a point where whomever lived in the house or the apartment wouldn't notice it."

Bob suggests people become more vigilant about the security of their home. 

  • Make sure your curtains are closed at night.
  • If you've got flower gardens, check for footprints.
  • Leave a back porch light on " "If a light's on, or you've got a dog, somebody's not going to be looking in your window."  

Bob explains that he graduated from peeping on others to exposing himself to others for sexual gratification. He often displayed his genitals while at the gym and at home with his bedroom windows open. "One day, there were a couple of younger teenage girls. They wanted to pick up and clean up around the yard. I went out, got stripped down to nothing, pulled out a lawn chair and laid there knowing that nine times out of 10 they'd probably see me," he reveals. "What could start as one exposing himself, could end up with that individual maybe accosting one of the women that he takes a shine to."

Bob suggests people keep their eyes open for behavior similar to his and report it to authorities. "Even if they know who's living next door to them, they don't know that that person is or is not a voyeur and an exhibitionist."

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