To Home School or Not to Home School?

Mike and Jylana are debating over whether to homeschool their 4-year-old son.

Jylana believes their son is advanced for his age and doesn't feel the public school system is equipped to handle his needs. Mike, however, believes that keeping their son out of public school may stunt him socially and won't prepare him for the real world.

Dr. Phil looks to the research:

• Children who are homeschooled through eighth grade exhibit no disruption in social development and evolution. To make homeschooling work, parents must make the time commitment, the money commitment, the lifestyle commitment to provide that academic environment for the child at home.

• In addition, the parents should make the effort to have the child participate in extra-curricular activities of their peer group, such as sports, YMCA activities, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, church groups and socials, etc.

• Limited tests have shown that homeschooled children have above-average social and psychological development through their exposure to many different age groups and other activities to boost their social development.

• However, once kids get to high school age, social development is important. They become more independent and benefit more from being in a public or private school.

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