Top Three Ways You're Making Your Child Obese

Childhood obesity is rising at an alarming rate, and statistics show that 70 percent of overweight kids will become overweight adults. Could you be unwittingly contributing to the weight gain of your little ones? Learn the top three mistakes you could be making. 1) Shaping Taste and the Environment "Kids aren't born with a preference for French fries and Twinkies. They have to learn that," Dr. Phil explains. "They acquire this taste based on what's in the environment." Show your child that it's OK to eat healthy snacks, such as apples and nuts. Your kids can't consume what isn't in the house. Now is the time to clean out your pantry and throw away processed and fatty foods. 2) Modeling If you don't exercise or eat healthy foods, chances are your children will follow in your footsteps. Start making changes right now. Make a promise to become the picture of health by eating nutritious meals and breaking a sweat at the gym. If your child understands that there is a new, dynamic shift in the household, he or she will be more willing to adapt. 3) Overfeeding and Putting Children on Diets Letting your kids eat junk food on a regular basis may make them feel good for the moment, but they could pay a high price physically and emotionally for your overindulgence. Conversely, putting your little ones on a diet is a bad idea. "Diets don't work," Dr. Phil says. You have to make lifestyle changes.

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