Weight Loss Advice

Dr. Phil gives his overweight family members the same advice he shares with the Weight Loss Challengers.

Support Group:
Make sure to surround yourself with supportive people to help you get through the day. Key 7 in The Ultimate Weight Solution refers to your "Circle of Support." It is important to have like-minded people around you — if you are trying to lose weight you want to be with people who are also trying to lose weight or have already reached their goals and can give you some insight. Also, make sure you don't hold your support meetings at places that serve food — no restaurants!

Use Portion Control:
Stick to eating foods that are High Response Cost and High Yield foods. If you are going to a party during the holidays, eat something before you attend so you are not as hungry when you arrive and are less likely to pig out on junk food.

Don't Label Yourself:

You are not a victim or a patient. Dr. Phil's sister Deanna says, "I already knew so much was wrong with my health, I didn't want to find out how much more was wrong with me." You have to start thinking of yourself as a healthy person if you are to become one. Dr. Phil told his overweight nephew Tony, instead of being a passenger in life, start doing something about your problem.

Separate Body Image From Self Image:

Make sure not to confuse the reflection of your body image with how you really are as a person.


Do a full-body work out three times a week if possible. You want to do a mixture of cardiovascular and weights and choose something you like to do like swimming or biking.

Don't Blame Your Genetics:

Issues with your weight are usually only 20�elated to genetics. Your lifestyle makes you the way you are and this lifestyle becomes your identity. Dr. Phil tells his sister Brenda, "Blaming your weight on the family being overweight is an excuse."



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