Weight Loss FAQ

Have a question about weight? Dr. Phil has the answer. Browse the 10 most commonly asked questions here.

1. Don't genetics affect weight?
Absolutely, but you have to manage your weight within that. Work with the hand you've been dealt; for example, being big-boned is no excuse for being 100 pounds overweight. Accept that you have some extra challenges — and that you'll probably never be stick-thin — but don't let that be your excuse.

2. What if medication makes me gain weight?
Some people truly have a medical reason for weight gain. If you have to take medication, or if you have a biological disorder that causes you to gain weight, the best you can do is manage it. Learn to be at peace with it.

3. What about "magic" diets that promise quick results?
Make no mistake — the billion-dollar diet industry tells you what you want to hear. But losing weight is hard work, every minute of every day. How hard are you willing to work? Do it right once, and you'll reach your goals much quicker than "seven pounds in seven days."

4. My friend lost weight; why didn't her strategy work for me?
Everyone has different challenges, different resources and different gifts. Consequently, people must develop different strategies to accommodate their schedules. Find out what gives you results — and don't quit if it doesn't seem apparent right away.

5. What if I just really like food?
Just about everybody likes the taste of food, but you have to develop the maturity to balance your intake. Control the quality and the amount of what you eat.

6. How is it that I can like everything about myself except the fat?
You don't feel 100 percent good about yourself. You can't be completely happy with yourself unless you're happy about everything that makes you who you are.

7. I can't seem to get my appetite in check. What's wrong?
If you're overweight, then you're out of control. That's not a natural place to be. You're out of control with your impulses, your life or your schedule. Evaluate your behaviors, anticipate your personal challenges and restore balance.

8. Why do I keep slipping into my old habits?

You can't break habits without forming new ones. If you take something out of your life, there's a void. And when there's a void, it's easy to drift back to what you used to do. You need to replace the bad habit with new, incompatible behavior that will crowd the bad behavior out.

9. How can I heal poor body image?
Don't let low self-esteem be an excuse to not live your best life. Get over it! Stand up and use the gifts you have. Require more of yourself than what you have been requiring. Just because you aren't proud of yourself every minute doesn't mean that you don't get to participate in life. Get specific and define what low self-esteem means to you. Then, behave your way to success.

10. I've always dealt with difficulties using food, but now I've solved my problems. Why am I still fat?

You're holding on to the response that you associated with your problems. Although the problem has been solved, the behavior -- in this case, overeating -- remains. When you solve a problem in your life, you must also stop "dealing" with it in negative ways.

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