What Do Women Want?

On a show called "Men and Sex," four men reveal what they think about foreplay, cheating, porn and more. Then, Dr. Phil lets the men grill women to find out what they want to know. Here's a sampling:

What's the best way to get you in the mood?

  • "There's an interest level. There's a need for us to have a connection. It's not this fast grope, grab, go ... An intimacy. A give and take. Conversation. Be interested in what I'm saying, and communicate. That seems to be a lost concept."

  • "Treat us like people, not a receptacle. We're not here just for you to get off and walk away."

    What's romantic?

  • "When you know the little things that make me happy and you do it."

  • "I think there's still this art of courting that seems to be something men don't do anymore. And I think part of courting is actually having plans for the evening for us, instead of, 'Where do you want to go?' ... I think courting is imperative if you want to make a woman feel that she's special in your life."

    Do women fake orgasms? Why?

  • "Absolutely. I mean, there are certain guys that have definitely done it for me, but the other times there's just that look of determination in their eyes and they say, 'Baby, how's it feeling?' and I just say, 'Yes, it's great.'"

    What's the big deal with having sex anyway? Why do you have to make such a big deal about it?

  • "Women aren't turned on the same way men are turned on. We're different. So for us it's not just like shaking hands."

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