Why Do Men Usually Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

Lynn in Brownville, Maine started the Weight Loss Challenge at the same time as her husband. She says she eats healthier than he does and exercises more regularly, and yet he's lost 23 pounds, while she's dropped 16. Though she's happy for her husband, she's frustrated! She asks Dr. Phil, "Can you please enlighten me as to why men tend to lose weight faster than women?" Dr. Phil jokes, "Don't shoot the messenger! More often than not, men lose weight faster because they have more muscle mass." He explains, "Think of muscle as the factory that burns fat. So many women do so much cardio, and not much — if any — weight training." This can be a big mistake, he says, "because weight training is one of most efficient ways for you to accelerate your weight loss." Get more training advice from Robert Reames, the Weight Loss Challenge trainer:

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