Your Get-Real Weight

"Everyone has this goal in mind, they want to weigh what they weighed when they remember being their skinniest, their tiniest, their smallest...the problem is, you were probably 18!" Dr. Phil tells the Challengers. "It's ridiculous. You can't set those unrealistic goals. You need to figure the weight that you can responsibly, comfortably be at." The goal, he explains, is to set a "get-real weight" that you can live with mentally, emotionally, physically and medically. Your "get-real" weight has little to do with numbers on a scale or other device. It means:
  • You like your body and live in it with pride
  • You are happy and truly at peace with your size.
  • You accept your God-given uniqueness.
  • You like what you see in the mirror every day.
  • You focus your attention on living well, rather than looking good.So, lovingly accept yourself, your natural body frame, your height, your bone structure, your entire genetic makeup — and set your sights on goals that match these factual realities, goals that you can realistically achieve. There is an optimal you, but it can only come from getting real about yourself and setting realistic expectations for success, so that you can become a "supermodel" or "superstar" in your own life, on your own terms, and according to your own standards of fitness.
    For more on your get-real expectations and goals, including Dr. Phil's Body Weight Standards, go to Chapter 2 in The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.

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