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          7 Rules Of Engagement With Your Child

          Dr. Phil offers guidelines that can be helpful when speaking with your child and trying to get through to them.

          5 Things All Parents Should Require From Their Children

          If you require these five things from your child, they will succeed in the world and you will have succeeded as a parent.

          Do You Know How to Brat-Proof Your Child?

          Do you cave easily to your child's temper tantrums? Unsure if your discipline techniques are doing more harm than good? Take a quiz!

          Strategies for Effective Parenting

          Dr. Phil and child behavior specialist Betsy Brown Braun suggest the following strategies to improve discipline and establish a healthy bond with your kids

          Are You an Angry Mom?

          Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when disciplining your children? Fear that your temper may be out of control? The following quiz can help gauge if you need help dealing with deep feelings of hostility.

          Parents’ Top Three Questions

          Parents: How tuned in are you to your childrens' interests, friends, hobbies and extracurricular activities? If you suspect your child might be headed down a wrong path, sit down with him or her and ask the following three questions.

          Test for Thrill-Seeking Behavior

          Are you a self-described daredevil? Are you always looking for the next thrill? Take the following test!

          Quiz: Are You a Permissive Parent?

          Do you feel your teen is out of control, and you don't know why? Answer this series of questions to find out if you are enabling your teen's bad behavior.

          Discipline Dos and Don’ts

          Are you overwhelmed dealing with your child’s temper tantrums? Dr. Phil and educational consultant Dr. Michele Borba offer tips for creating peace.

          When Parenting Becomes Abuse

          How do you know when your actions toward your child cross the line and become abusive? ChildHelp National Child Abuse Hotline offers parents these tips.

          A Discipline Questionnaire for Parents

          How well are you parenting your children? Take Dr. Phil's test.

          Sports and School: Requiring More from Your Teen

          Does winning on the court or field mean failing in the classroom?

          Tool 2: Parenting with Clarity – Communication Audit

          If you fear that your child is headed on a path to destruction, Dr. Phil offers the following tools to help you parent with purpose.

          If You Suspect Your Child Has a Mental Illness

          Do you fear that your child is getting out of control and may have an biological or medical issue? Dr. Phil has advice.

          Fourteen Characteristics of a Serial Killer

          Could you be raising a serial killer?

          Increasing Your Child’s Intellectual Performance

          Here are some tools to help boost your child's brain power.

          Seven Tools for Purposeful Parenting

          Dr. Phil offers these tools to turn your chaotic family into a peaceful one.

          Permissive Parenting

          Dr. Phil gives advice to parents who provide little structure or discipline for their teenagers.

          How to Stop a Temper Tantrum in Seconds

          Dr. Phil invites Dr. Harvey Karp on the show to share his technique to stop a toddler's temper tantrum in seconds.

          Is Your Firstborn Acting Out?

          Don't understand why your child has begun having temper tantrums or turned into a drama queen? Dr. Phil has some advice that may surprise you.

          When Your Child Won’t Stop Lying

          Frustrated because your child continues to lie to you in spite of your disciplinary efforts? Dr. Phil has advice.

          Enforcing Time-Outs

          If your child is misbehaving, but you feel guilty about enforcing your own rules with a time-out, Dr. Phil has advice.

          Age-Appropriate Discipline Techniques

          Dr. Phil outlines effective vs. ineffective techniques for children through the age of 16.

          Common Discipline Mistakes

          Dr. Phil explains some of the most common discipline mistakes parents make and how to avoid them.

          Listening to Your Child’s Bad Behavior

          Is your child trying to communicate a need?

          Three Questions to Ask Before Spanking

          Dr. Phil suggests you ask yourself these three questions.

          Spanking Research

          The pros and cons of spanking.

          Five Steps to Disciplining Your Kids

          Dr. Phil offers alternatives to spanking.

          What to Do When You Disagree on Discipline

          Dr. Phil's advice for parents who can't agree on how to punish their children.

          Five Core Steps to Good Parenting

          There's more you can do to bring you and your child closer.

          Coping Steps for Verbally Abusive Parents

          Because there is no excuse.

          To Spank or Not to Spank?

          Dr. Phil explains why he is opposed to spanking, and suggests some alternatives.

          What to Do If You Witness Child Abuse

          What to do if you witness child abuse.

          If You Were Abused

          What to do if you want to rebuild the relationship with your abusive parent.

          The Parenting Test

          Find out if you're on the path to becoming a destructive parent.

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