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          Family Strategies for Coping with an Eating Disorder

          Dr. Phil offers tips for coping with a family member who has an eating disorder.

          Top Three Ways You’re Making Your Child Obese

          If your kids are tipping the scales, don't miss the top three ways that you may be contributing to their weight gain.

          Ten Warning Signs Your Child Could Be Overweight

          Do you suspect your child could be on the road to obesity? Heed the following warning signs.

          Consequences of Eating Disorders

          There are numerous related health problems associated with eating disorders.

          When Losing Weight Causes Anxiety

          Losing a lot of weight may make you feel great, but it can also cause anxiety.

          Five Biggest Myths About Obese People

          Dr. Phil uncovers the five biggest myths concerning overweight people.

          The Rapid Start Plan

          Use the Rapid Start Plan to start losing weight and learn to eat and enjoy healthier foods.

          Before You Have Gastric Bypass Surgery …

          Dr. Phil offers advice and resources before having gastric bypass surgery.

          Weight Loss Advice

          Dr. Phil offers some simple tips to help you on your path to lose weight and keep it off.

          Obesity Health Consequences

          Obesity can result in severe health problems.

          Litmus Logic Test

          Are you telling yourself the truth?

          Obesity and Cancer: Surprising Statistics

          Surprising statistics about the link between obesity and cancer.

          Advice from an Eating Disorder Expert

          Is an addiction to diet pills the same as being addicted to drugs?

          Advice for Overcoming an Eating Disorder

          Begin the process of recovery with these steps.

          Eating Disorder Resources

          Where you can find help or more information on eating disorders.

          Addicted to Diet Pills

          Is an addiction to diet pills the same as being addicted to drugs?

          Helping Your Overweight Child

          Obesity among children is on the rise. As a parent, there are things you can do.

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