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          7 Rules Of Engagement With Your Child

          Dr. Phil offers guidelines that can be helpful when speaking with your child and trying to get through to them.

          Life-Changing Advice From 2016

          If you’re ready to transform your life, Dr. Phil’s tell-it-like-it-is advice can help you get started on a path to generating what you truly want.

          What Parents Fighting Looks Like Through Their Child’s Eyes

          When you fight in front of your children, they are forever changed ... and you can be sure it's not for the better.

          Easy Tips For Parents To Protect Their Children Online

          When it comes to posting photos and information online, there are potential dangers, as parents can unknowingly open their private lives up to unwanted eye

          The Benefits of Faith

          Research indicates tangible advantages to a connection with the spiritual word. Is faith a part of your life? Learn the benefits here.

          Sibling Abuse

          It has been reported that as many as 53 out of every 100 siblings abuse a brother or sister. It could be happening in your home without you even knowing it. Learn the warning signs if one of your children is being abused and the steps to take to stop it.

          Co-Parenting with Your Ex

          Dealing with an ex when you have kids together can be difficult. Learn to put your child's best interests above your own and form an amicable relationship.

          Parenting through Change

          Screaming, hitting, bullying, temper tantrums ... If your child's behavior is out of control and nothing you do is working, it's time for commando parenting! Dr. Phil explains his technique for creating change in your child's behavior.

          Advice for Parents Who are Divorcing

          If you have decided to call it quits, Dr. Phil has this advice for you and your family.

          How to Parent Based on Your Child’s Personality

          If your parenting style is clashing with your child's personality, Dr. Phil offers advice for more effective parenting.

          Tool 2: Parenting with Clarity – Communication Audit

          If you fear that your child is headed on a path to destruction, Dr. Phil offers the following tools to help you parent with purpose.

          Making Family Resolutions

          It's time to make a resolution to your family, and Dr. Phil gives you the tools to make it happen.

          Children’s Needs While Going through a Divorce

          Addressing your child's psychological needs while going through a divorce, can help your child adapt better to their new living situation.

          Post-Divorce Parenting Mistakes and Strategies

          Post-divorce parenting is fraught with danger -- danger that you will inadvertently do damage on top of what the divorce has already done.

          Seven Tools for Purposeful Parenting

          Dr. Phil offers these tools to turn your chaotic family into a peaceful one.

          Bibliographical Resources

          Dr. Phil offers the following resources on spanking and parenting.

          National Parenting Survey

          This parenting survey reflects data from more than 20,000 participants.

          Hot Warning Signs

          These warning signs can help alert you to a potential crisis in your family.

          Creating a Contingency Contract for Your Child

          This contingency contract for parenting is taken from Dr. Phil's new book Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family.

          The Five Factors for a Phenomenal Family

          You can create the family you've always dreamed about.

          Parenting Dilemmas: Dr. Phil’s Advice

          Dr. Phil gives advice to guests with big parenting dilemmas: How do you correct the behavior of a potty mouth? A stealer? A biter?

          What Role Should a Stepparent Play?

          Being a stepparent is one of the most difficult roles any adult will ever assume. Agree on some very basic definitions of that role, and be alert to sensitivities associated with it.

          What Kind of Role Model Are You?

          Through your actions, your words, your behavior and your love, you can direct your children toward where you want them to go. What are you modeling?

          Your Parenting Style

          Dr. Phil offers the following chart and advice on meshing your parenting style with your child's personality.

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