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          Why Fighting In Front Of Kids Is Detrimental To Their Development

          How a contentious relationship and fighting in front of kids can affect their development.

          Mom Demonstrates How Hard She Shook Her 2-Year-Old Son Prior To Child Suffering A Seizure

          Kayla says she thinks a fall on the playground caused her 2-year-old son Noah’s brain injuries and seizure. However, Department of Children and Family Services claimed Kayla confessed to shaking the child and hitting his head on the wooden railing of his bed, which she denies.

          Why Father Says He Believes Son’s Seizure, ‘Serious Injuries’ Caused By Child’s Mother, Not Playground Fall

          Andrew says he believes his ex, Kayla, is responsible for causing serious injury to their 2-year-old son, Noah, who suffered a seizure.

          The Risks to Boys Who Grow Up with Abuse

          Are you in an abusive relationship and worry about the effect it will have on your children?

          Six Tips for Effective Listening

          Loni Coombs, former prosecutor and author of "You're Perfect ..."? and Other Lies Parents Tell, shares her six tips for effective listening for parents.

          Sex Talk Dos and Don’ts

          It's a topic that makes many parents run for cover, but explaining "the birds and the bees" is a conversation every parent needs to have with their kids. Dr. Phil and Dr. John Chirban, author of How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex, give tips.

          The Five Stages of Grooming By a Pedophile

          Ninety percent of child molesters know their victims. Would you recognize a predator near your family? Learn the five stages a pedophile goes through to groom a victim.

          Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Victims

          The damages caused by child sexual abuse last a long time without the proper healing. Learn the impact on victims.

          Signs of Child Neglect

          Child neglect is another type of child abuse. Learn the warning signs of child neglect and what to do if you spot them.

          How to Prepare before Adopting Internationally

          There are many challenges to adopting an international child. Dr. Phil and experts offer tips on how to prepare yourself for a successful adoption process.

          Top 10 Things to Do Before Considering Surrogacy

          Surrogacy can be a miraculous gift, a way of helping a childless or infertile couple fulfill their desire to become parents. According to Bill Handel, attorney and director of the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc., there are 10 things you must consider before working with a surrogate.

          Biggest Parenting Mistakes

          Dr. Phil and special guest Dr. Jim Sears, pediatrician and co-host of the hit show, ,The Doctors, tackle five childhood behaviors that leave parents frustrated.

          Talking to Your Kids about Sandra Cantu

          It's the story everyone is talking about: The horrific murder and alleged rape of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu. People are asking, “How do I keep my child safe? How do I talk to my children about this?� Dr. Michele Borba, educational psychologist and author of The Big Book of Parenting Solutions, offers her advice.

          Adoption Tips

          Considering adoption? Read these tips first.

          When Parents Play Favorites

          Do you openly show favoritism to one of your children? Is your bond stronger with a certain child than with another? Dr. Phil cautions parents who play favorites, explaining how it can be toxic to all the children in the home, including the "star" child.

          Four Ways to Reduce the Risk of SIDS

          Learn what steps you can take to reduce your child's risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

          Get Your Child To Sleep Through the Night

          If you're a parent struggling with this issue, the following are tips to help you get back on the road to a good nights sleep.

          To Home School or Not to Home School?

          Deciding to home school your child can be a tough decision. Home schooling takes a large commitment of time, money and patience for a parent. Research shows they do just as well or better on ACTs and SATs, but how does it impact them socially?

          Baby-Proofing Your Home

          Get tips from the National Safety Council on how to keep your baby from harm.

          Where Should Your Child Sleep?

          See both sides of the debate about parents and kids sleeping together.

          Children and Violent Video Games

          Children often say their favorite video games are violent. What is the result of all this video game mayhem?

          Contacting the Child You Placed for Adoption

          Eager to meet the child you placed for adoption years ago? Dr. Phil has advice on how to go about it.

          Common Signs of Shaken Baby Syndrome

          Consider these signs when evaluating whether your child may have been violently shaken.

          Protecting Your Child – Even from Caretakers

          Consider these warning signs that your nanny may be mistreating or neglecting your child.

          How to Talk to Your Daughter about Sex

          Dr. Phil offers advice on how to have the "big talk" with your daughter.

          Monitoring Your Child’s Growth

          Is your child in the 25th percentile? Or the 95th? What does it all mean? Renowned child expert Dr. Harvey Karp explains the growth charts and what parents should watch for.

          Maximizing Your Child’s Potential

          Whether your child is ahead of the developmental curve, or lagging behind, Dr. Phil has advice about what parents can do maximize their children's potential.

          Dads in the Delivery Room

          Tips for expectant fathers who are nervous about being in the delivery room.

          How to Tame Your 2-Year-Old

          Dr. Phil gives advice for parenting a 2-year-old.

          The Five Techniques to Calm a Crying Baby

          Dr. Phil invites Dr. Harvey Karp on the show to share his five techniques to trigger a baby's calming reflex.

          Adoption Language

          There are positive and negative terms when talking about adoption.

          Is It OK To Have An Only Child?

          Dr. Phil gives his thoughts about whether it's selfish to have an only child.

          Negotiating for More Children

          Disagree with your spouse over whether you should have another child?

          Discussing the Birds and the Bees

          How much is too much information?

          Co-Sleeping Safety Tips

          Many parents and caregivers are unaware that there are hidden hazards when you allow your child to share your bed.


          Does your child fear that there are monsters under the bed? Is she afraid of the dark? For 10 years, Carol has given in to her kids and let them sleep in her bed. Dr. Phil weighs in on co-sleeping.

          Explaining a Parent’s Illness to a Child

          What can a parent say to a child when Mom or Dad is sick? Dr. Phil talks to a woman who's fighting cancer and struggling with how to explain it to her 4-year-old.

          Explaining the Birds and the Bees

          Talking to your child about the birds and the bees may be a little easier with Dr. Phil's advice.

          ‘My 5-Year-Old Son Prefers Girls’ Clothing and Toys’

          A woman with a 5-year-old son turns to Dr. Phil for help about his preference for wearing dresses and playing with Barbies.

          Potty Train Your Child In Less Than a Day

          Get step-by-step instructions here.

          When Your Child Won’t Stop Breast-Feeding

          Dr. Phil's advice for a mother who still breast-feeds her 5-and 7-year-old children.

          Questions Your Unborn Child Might Ask

          Thinking of having a baby? Ask yourself these questions first.

          Don’t Let Having a Baby Ruin Your Marriage

          Dr. Phil has advice on how to cope with the new stress.

          What Kind of Role Model Are You?

          Through your actions, your words, your behavior and your love, you can direct your children toward where you want them to go. What are you modeling?

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