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          What To Do If You’re The Victim Of A Hate Crime

          If you’re the victim of a hate crime, Dr. Phil says it’s important to talk about it – and report it. He offers steps to take if you become a victim.

          Signs of a Gambling Disorder

          A gambling disorder is defined as gambling behavior that disrupts personal, family, and/or vocational pursuits.

          Common Myths About Suicide

          Dr. Phil says there are a lot of myths about suicide. Don't hesitate to act because you believe in one of these common myths.

          6 Signs You May Be Suffering From A Rare Lung Disease

          Learn about some of the signs and symptoms of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a rare and serious lung disease.

          10 Early Signs and Symptoms To Recognize Alzheimer’s Disease

          Ten warning signs and symptoms, from the Alzheimer’s Association, that may signify that you or a loved one may have Alzheimer’s disease.

          Self-Defense Tips

          A self-defense expert gives the do's and don'ts of protecting yourself against an attacker.

          Should You Report an Abusive Parent?

          How to tell if you should report an incident.

          What is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

          Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) characterized by the presence of obsessive (persistent/intrusive) thoughts and compulsive, repetitive behaviors that are time-consuming or cause significant distress/impairment.

          Anxiety Disorders

          Anxiety disorders develop when anxiety is persistent over time and causes significant distress or impairment in functioning.

          What a Survivor Can Teach Us about Abuse

          Amy, an abuse survivor, offers words of advice and wisdom on building self-esteem and developing a support group to help move past an abusive relationship.

          What is Hypochodria?

          Hypochondriasis is characterized by very high levels of worry about illness, a tendency to appraise their bodily symptoms as unduly threatening, harmful, or troublesome, and often think the worst about their health.

          The 4 Stages Of Readiness For Change

          Change cannot happen unless you are ready for it. According to Dr. Phil, there are four stages of readiness when it comes to change.

          An Autism Diagnosis: Answers To Help You Navigate The Journey

          Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of The Autism Answer and chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, shares some of his insight about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

          Early Signs of Schizophrenia

          Learn the early warning signs of schizophrenia, and determine whether your loved one could be at risk.

          Risks of Drug Abuse during Pregnancy

          When you are pregnant, you are not just "eating for two." You also breathe and drink for two, so it is important to carefully consider what you give to your baby. If you smoke, use alcohol or take illegal drugs, so does your unborn baby.

          Misophonia: Do You Hate Certain Sounds?

          Misophonia, literally "hatred of sound," is a little-known neurological disorder in which negative experiences (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) are triggered by specific sounds.

          Personality Disorders

          Get information on some of the different types of personality disorders. (Source: DSM-5)

          A Hoarder Lets Cameras Into Her Home (First Visitor In 14 Years)

          "Nobody has been to my house in 14 years," says Kelli, whose 14-year-old son has been forced to sleep on the couch since he was 5 so she can use his bedroom for storage. "I want to get rid of stuff but I don't know how to do it," she says, turning to Dr. Phil for help.

          Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, Explains how to Make Your Health a Priority

          Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, explains reasons why we avoid medical checkups and tests — and how we can get past that.

          Dr. Freda Lewis Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, Explains the Signs of Depression

          Dr. Freda Lewis Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, gives important information about the signs of depression, and how it can be treated. Could you or someone you know be suffering?

          A Former Smoker Shares One of the Most Important Things You Can Do To Quit Smoking

          A former smoker shares one important thing you can do to quit smoking.

          What to Do If You Are Raped

          Rape is generally defined as forced or nonconsensual sexual intercourse. If you know someone who has been sexually violated, take these precautions.

          Are You a Victim of Stalking?

          Learn the behaviors that the U.S. Department of Justice classifies as stalking. Are you a victim of a stalker?

          10 Key Signs of Having an Addiction

          Do you wonder if your behavior is crossing the line into addiction? Psychotherapist Dr. Gary Stollman gives 10 key signs of having an addiction.

          What to Do During a Bank Robbery

          Dr. Rosemary Erickson is a security expert who trains bank employees in what to do during a robbery. Learn the Dos and Don’ts if you find yourself at a bank during an attempted robbery.

          Quiz: Can You Spot a Narcissist?

          Do you think you could spot a narcissist? Could it be you or someone you know? Determine if there is a narcissist in your midst!

          Signs that Your Child May Have OCD

          Dr. Frank Lawlis, Chairman of the "Dr. Phil" Advisory Board, provides a checklist of symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD.

          Tips for Hotel Safety

          If you're a woman who often travels alone, learn the tips for staying safe while in hotels.

          Signs of Intoxication and Drunk Driving

          LAPD Valley Traffic Division Capt. Ivan Minsal provides the top signs of drunk driving.

          Repairing Your Online Reputation

          Michael Fertik, CEO and founder of, says there's hope for repairing a damaged reputation, and offers these tips.

          Toxic Identification with an Abductor

          Dr. Phil goes over the warning signs of toxic identification with an abductor, often called Stockholm Syndrome.

          Warning Signs of a Midlife Crisis

          Wondering if your partner is going through a midlife crisis? Some experts say these could be warning signs.

          Maintaining Sobriety and Avoiding Relapse

          You've made it through rehab and are clean & sober. Dr. Frank Lawlis, chairman of the "Dr. Phil" Advisory Board, offers his steps for maintaining sobriety.

          How to Talk to Someone You Think Needs Help

          It may be difficult to reach out to someone whom you think needs help. Follow these dos and don'ts as a guideline for reaching out.

          Quiz: Are You an Enabler?

          Enabling behavior can make your addicted love one even sicker. Find out if you're an enabler.

          Quiz: Are You Vulnerable to a Cult-Like Group?

          Could you be vulnerable to a cult-like group's influence?

          Stay Safe Action Plan

          Sue Else, president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, offers steps for staying safe after leaving an abusive relationship.

          What Your Dreams Reveal

          Have you ever dreamed that you’re falling or running through the streets naked? Do you wake up feeling refreshed or on the verge of tears? What do these images mean? Take the following quiz and learn what common dreams reveal about you.

          Protect Your Reputation on the Internet

          Have you had trouble with photos or information about you being posted on the Internet? Are you worried your children might mistakenly share private information on the wild, wild web? Tips to protect your reputation on the Internet.

          Quiz: Are You at Risk for an Eating Disorder?

          Take this quiz to determine if you or someone you love may be at risk for developing a deadly eating disorder.

          Quiz: Are You Obsessed with Aging?

          Answer these questions to see if you're obsessed with aging, and learn what to do to accept getting older.

          Quiz: Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

          The National Domestic Violence Hotline has a quiz for indentifying abuse. Answer these questions to find out whether your relationship is unhealthy and could be dangerous.

          Family Strategies for Coping with an Eating Disorder

          Dr. Phil offers tips for coping with a family member who has an eating disorder.

          Tips to Help You Make a Decision

          Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Prevention joins Dr. Phil to share secrets to becomeing smarter and happier. If you have trouble making decisions, follow these tips.

          Foods to Boost Your Brainpower

          Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Prevention, shares the foods you should eat to boost your brainpower.

          Tips to Feel Happier

          Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Prevention shares tips for improving your mood.

          Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

          The untimely death of several of celebrities, including former child actor Corey Haim, who were found with prescription pill bottles by their side, has brought the prescription drug abuse epidemic to the limelight. If you fear a loved one may be abusing prescription pills, watch for these warning signs and seek immediate help.

          Easy Methods to Alleviate Stress

          Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of "The Stress Answer" and chairman of the "Dr. Phil" Advisory Board, offers the following tips to de-stress.

          Criteria for a Diagnosis of Psychosis

          On the show "Surrogate Mom Faces Her Critics," Shelly says that she kept the babies she carried for intended parents Amy and Scott Kehoe because Amy allegedly withheld the fact that she has a mental illness. Dr. Phil says that too often, people with mental disorders are unfairly stigmatized. Below is the criteria for a diagnosis of psychosis.

          Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Decision

          Whether you’re thinking about getting married, having a baby or revealing a secret, Dr. Phil has advice for making major life decisions.

          Determining Your Metabolic Type

          Dr. Philip Goglia, author of Turn Up the Heat: Unlock the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism, offers tips for determining your metabolic type using blood work.

          Dealing with Rude People

          It seems that rudeness has reached epidemic proportions — from celebrity meltdowns to excessive cell phone use to obnoxious drivers. Rude people don’t always dial in to the impact their behavior has on others. Whether you're dealing with an aggressive coworker or family member, or you're the one with a rude attitude, Dr. Phil has advice.

          Will You Have a Latchkey Kid?

          Is your child ready to stay home alone? How do you prepare them for an unexpected emergency? Consider this safety checklist.

          Get Better Sleep!

          Dr. Craig Schwimmer offers tips on better sleep hygiene -- a series of behaviors and patterns that promote good, healthy, restorative sleep.

          Eating Healthy on a Budget

          Think you have to be rich to eat healthy? Think again! Fitness trainer Robert Reames offers tips for budget dining.

          Do You Know Your Alcohol Limit?

          Do you think you know when it's safe to drive after you've been drinking? Dr. Phil busts shocking myths about drinking and sobering up.

          Steps for Escaping Abuse

          Abusive husbands come in all sizes, shapes and colors, crossing ethnic and age groups. Their anger often leaves their wives physically battered and bruised, and emotionally broken. Dr. Phil follows the story of Star, a mother of four who flees to a shelter to escape what she says is an abusive marriage. Below are his crucial steps for leaving a volatile relationship.

          Moving Past a Celebrity Obsession

          If you have a burning desire to look like Jessica Simpson or you can't stop buying Jimmy Choo shoes, Dr. Phil has advice!

          Avoiding Fatal Drug Mistakes

          Dr. Travis Stork, emergency room physician and co-host of The Doctors highlights some common drug interactions that could be fatal.

          Mind Control Warning Signs

          Some say there could be as many as 5,000 religious groups in America preying on the weak and vulnerable. Learn the warning signs of dangerous groups.

          Gaming Addictive Behavior Audit

          Are you obsessed with playing online games? Computer games are supposed to be fun, but when a hobby turns into an addiction, virtual fantasy worlds can wreck real lives and ruin real marriages.

          Signs and Symptoms of Hoarding

          Hoarding is a highly emotional issue that may seem horrifying to some, but for others, it's a complicated and difficult struggle.

          Tips for Checking Up on Your Doctor

          When you're preparing for a medical procedure -- from a minor in-office treatment to major surgery -- how do you know if your doctor is qualified?

          Robin’s Budget Beauty Recipes

          Robin shares her secret recipes for making at-home beauty products.

          Bad Habits and Your World

          "Dr. Phil" Advisory Board member Arthur B. Markman provides strategies for breaking habits and replacing them with good ones.

          Seven Steps for Making Resolutions Stick!

          Do you want to lose weight, stop smoking or get your anger under control in 2012? Dr. Phil outlines seven steps for making your resolutions a reality!

          Autism Spectrum Disorder Early Warning Signs

          If you're a parent of young children, how can you tell if your child might be autistic? Dr. Phil shares some of the early warning signs of autism.

          Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

          If you are considering cosmetic or plastic surgery, do not overlook the importance of choosing the right physician.

          An Exit Action Plan: Guidelines for Leaving an Abusive Relationship

          If you or someone you know is ready to leave an abusive relationship, be sure and follow these guidelines before making the break.

          Good Habits

          Dr. Phil Advisory Board member Dr. Art Markman offers strategies for developing good habits.

          Do You Suffer from Body Dysmorphia?

          Do you know a woman who is as beautiful as some Hollywood models and actresses, yet she believes she looks like a monster? She may suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, a preoccupation with a real or imagined physical defect.

          Treating Encopresis

          If your child suffers from encompresis, the inability to properly move his or her bowels, pediatrician Dr. Brown has advice!

          ADD Screening Tool

          Take this quiz to determine if you may have ADD and need further evaluation.

          Household Items Your Child May Be Using to Get High

          Parents, you might be your kids' drug dealer. You probably think you’ve taught your child everything there is to know about drugs. But did you know they could be getting high from products in your pantry, under your sink, or in your medicine cabinet?

          Alcohol Addiction Resources

          Alcoholism is an out-of-control addiction. This year, Americans will spend more than $90,000,000,000 on beer, wine and spirits. If you or someone close to you has a drinking problem, contact the following agencies.

          Are You Weight Loss Resistant?

          Use the following profile to determine if there are underlying reasons for your inability to shed pounds.

          Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

          Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

          What is Tourette Syndrome?

          Learn what Tourette syndrome is and what its common symptoms are.

          Child Sexual Abuse Warning Signs and Resources

          To learn the warning signs of sexual abuse in children, visit these resources.

          Asperger’s Warning Signs

          Asperger's Warning Signs

          Food and Diet Obsession

          Consumed with thoughts of food? The possible roots of your obsession may surprise you.

          Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors

          Obsessive behaviors, like constant hand washing, don't have to take over your life.

          Your Internal Feelings about Food and Weight

          Discover what your overeating is really about.

          The Female Orgasm

          Ninety percent of orgasm problems appear to be psychological in nature.

          Should You Have Cosmetic Surgery?

          Millions are having Botox, nose jobs and implants. But is it right for you?

          Escaping the Anger Prison

          Do the slightest things enrage you? Here are tips on keeping your cool.

          Life Strategies Personality Tests

          These tests will show if you're a Porcupine, Chicken Little or Poser.

          Protecting Yourself From Sabotage

          Now that you're making progress, people may try to disrupt your efforts.

          When Losing Weight Causes Anxiety

          Losing a lot of weight may make you feel great, but it can also cause anxiety.

          Coping With Disease

          When someone in the family gets sick, it affects everybody.

          Overcoming Addiction

          Anything, including eating, shopping and working, can become an addiction. Dr. Phil has strategies for getting your addiction under control.

          Coping with Snoring

          Learn about different methods that treat snoring.

          Excerpt from ‘A Random Act’

          Author Cindi Broaddus shares her story of having the strength to overcome a senseless act of violence.

          Seven Steps to Breaking Your Addiction

          If you're struggling to kick a nasty habit, Dr. Phil has advice.

          Putting Passion Back Into Your Relationship

          Ready to break out of your rut and turn up the heat in your relationship?

          The Rapid Start Plan

          Use the Rapid Start Plan to start losing weight and learn to eat and enjoy healthier foods.

          Nutrition for Kids with ADD

          Proper food and diet can help children be more efficient and have better brain functioning.

          Taming the Green-Eyed Monster

          If you have a burning desire to look like Jessica Simpson or you can't stop buying Jimmy Choo shoes, Dr. Phil has advice!

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