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          7 Rules Of Engagement With Your Child

          Dr. Phil offers guidelines that can be helpful when speaking with your child and trying to get through to them.

          5 Things All Parents Should Require From Their Children

          If you require these five things from your child, they will succeed in the world and you will have succeeded as a parent.

          Why Fighting In Front Of Kids Is Detrimental To Their Development

          How a contentious relationship and fighting in front of kids can affect their development.

          What Parents Fighting Looks Like Through Their Child’s Eyes

          When you fight in front of your children, they are forever changed ... and you can be sure it's not for the better.

          Parenting in the Real World: Shocking Statistics

          From Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World, Dr. Phil shares some shocking statistics of children being raised in today's family paradigm.

          Sex Talk Dos and Don’ts

          It's a topic that makes many parents run for cover, but explaining "the birds and the bees" is a conversation every parent needs to have with their kids. Dr. Phil and Dr. John Chirban, author of How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex, give tips.

          Could Your Teen Be Blinded by Love? The Six Warning Signs

          Parents: Are you worried about your teen's love life? Find out the six warning signs that they could be blinded by love.

          Quiz: Are You a Permissive Parent?

          Do you feel your teen is out of control, and you don't know why? Answer this series of questions to find out if you are enabling your teen's bad behavior.

          Top Five Warning Signs that Your Child is in Trouble

          What causes teenagers to make choices that could destroy their future, and why do they give in to peer pressure? What are the signs that your teen is in serious trouble?

          Children’s Needs While Going through a Divorce

          Addressing your child's psychological needs while going through a divorce, can help your child adapt better to their new living situation.

          Advice for Getting Your Child to Do Anything

          Parenting is about negotiating, but oftentimes it can turn into a downright power struggle. If you're caught in a constant give-and-take with your child, follow this advice.

          Seven Tools for Purposeful Parenting

          Dr. Phil offers these tools to turn your chaotic family into a peaceful one.

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