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          Test Your Prenup IQ

          Ann-Margaret Carrozza, an asset protection attorney, answers common questions about prenuptial agreements.

          Estate Management Attorney’s Tips To Prevent A Financial Battle With A Former Loved One

          Estate management attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza offers advice for protecting yourself from having a financially devastating battle with a former loved one

          Life-Changing Advice From 2016

          If you’re ready to transform your life, Dr. Phil’s tell-it-like-it-is advice can help you get started on a path to generating what you truly want.

          The 5 Biggest Money Mistakes People Make

          Dr. Phil shares what he believes are the five biggest money mistakes people make — and what you can do to change your financial future.

          Robin McGraw’s Tips For Celebrating The Holidays On A Budget!

          Robin McGraw shares tips for celebrating the holidays on a budget, and the dos and don'ts of Christmas letters.

          Holiday Tipping Guide

          Peggy Post offers this guide for virtually everyone you may need to tip during the holidays.

          Top Five Financial Mistakes

          Are your spending habits sending you and your family to the poorhouse? Learn the top five money mistakes you could be making, and take charge of your financial health.

          Tips for Successful Negotiations

          Don’t be intimidated by the process of negotiating! Dr. Phil and his guests offer their tips for how to do it successfully.

          How to Talk to Your Kids about Money

          Financial expert Susan Beacham offers parents tips for talking with their children about money.

          Steps for Avoiding Foreclosure

          Marilyn Logan is an investment broker who owned a foreclosure business, and she shares tips for avoiding foreclosure.

          Financial Self-Tests

          Author Elizabeth Warren has financial advice for eliminating your debt and learning to save your money.

          Tips for How to Find a Job

          Top recruiter Tony Besharaoffers tips forfinding a job and highlights the biggest mistakes people make on their résumés.

          Top Five Money Lessons to Teach Kids

          It's important to give children hands-on interaction with money from a young age. Learn the top five money lessons to teach kids.

          Money-Saving Tips: How to Live on Less in All Areas of Your Life

          The Economides family has tips for living frugally while enjoying life at the same time.

          Tips to Avoid the Top 10 Scams

          With the country facing economic woes, many Americans are on the lookout for ways to generate extra cash. But are those lucrative offers to work from home and get-rich-quick ads legitimate, or scams designed to swindle consumers? Along with author and attorney Steve Weisman, Dr. Phil addresses 10 common scams that have duped Americans out of millions.

          Deal Making: How to Play the Game

          Do you hate to negotiate? Learn the tips on making the best deal.

          Recession Survival Tips

          Financial expert David Gardner from the investment firm The Motley Fool and co-author of the book The Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio: How to Build and Grow a Panic-Proof Investment Portfolio gives his tips for surviving the recession.

          Financial 911: Your Top Seven Money Questions Answered

          Has the current economic crisis left you frightened and confused? Along with top financial experts, Dr. Phil gives advice on protecting your assets and weathering a major money storm.

          Money Quizzes and Finance Checklist

          How smart are you when it comes to your money? If you worry about surviving tough financial times, take these quizzes to evaluate your spending habits. Then, follow the steps on the Financial To Do Checklist to make sure you don't find yourself broke.

          The Five Biggest Money Mistakes

          Are you in debt? Dr. Phil shares the five biggest money mistakes people make. Learn how to change your habits so you don't find yourself in the red.

          Advice from Loral Langemeier

          Money expert and author Loral Langemeier shares her ideas for getting out of debt and creating new income.

          Beware of E-Mail Scams

          A get-rich-quick e-mail scam could be in your inbox right now. Find out how to spot this two billion dollar sheme that could take you for thousands.

          Seven Steps to a Successful Estate Plan

          Do you need an estate plan? For those with substantial assets, estate planning is essential to preserve and protect wealth for future generations and to minimize estate taxes.

          Recession Survival Advice

          The current economic downturn is dragging more and more people into a state of financial panic. Learn how to survive this money crisis.

          Are You Buying Affection?

          Using money to get attention is a problem that goes deeper than your wallet. Dr. Phil has advice.

          Are You in Debt?

          If you are in over your head with bills, pay attention to Dr. Phil's advice.

          Parity in Single-Income Families

          Even if your spouse is the breadwinner, you both deserve respect.

          Helping Your Parents Financially

          Are grown children obligated to give money to their parents if they have it?

          Coping with Unemployment

          Unemployment can wreak havoc on your self-esteem and pride, but there are ways to cope.

          An Action Plan for Eliminating Debt

          Are you in over your head? Get a handle on your finances and get out of debt.

          Tips to Eliminate Debt

          If you have problems fighting the urge to splurge, you're not alone. Financial expert Lynnette Khalfani offers tips to help get your spending under control

          Surprising Facts about Women and Negotiating

          There are suprising differences between men and women in the art of negotiation.

          Conducting a Financial Fire Drill

          How couples can prepare for a financial emergency before it happens.

          How to Negotiate

          From buying a car to getting a raise, Dr. Phil has negotiating tips every woman needs to hear.

          Advice For Miserable Millionaires

          Miserable millionaires turn to Dr. Phil for help. What can you do when money brings out the worst in people?

          Seven Steps to Reaching Your Goals

          These steps for success will help you attain each and every goal.

          How to Deal With Your Mooching Child

          Struggling with a freeloading child who can't seem to stand on their own two feet? Dr. Phil has advice.

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