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          7 Rules Of Engagement With Your Child

          Dr. Phil offers guidelines that can be helpful when speaking with your child and trying to get through to them.

          5 Things All Parents Should Require From Their Children

          If you require these five things from your child, they will succeed in the world and you will have succeeded as a parent.

          How to Do a Dyad Exercise with Your Teen

          The term "dyad" describes a two-person unit wherein two people are face to face and are involved in active eye contact. It tests your ability to really listen to one another without judgment.

          Easy Tips For Parents To Protect Their Children Online

          When it comes to posting photos and information online, there are potential dangers, as parents can unknowingly open their private lives up to unwanted eye

          Realities Calling for Parental Vigilance/Action

          Is your teen in trouble? Dr. Phil lists some of the realities that call for parental vigilance and action.

          Red Flags for Girls: Eight Essential Directives for Strong Self-Esteem, Healthy Dating and Balanced Relationships

          Rebecca is a national speaker, advocate for victims of human trafficking, and the author of The Witness Wore Red: The 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice. She speaks to women about abuse and how to break the cycle.

          The Heartbreaking Reason A 14-Year-Old Has Never Had A Friend Over To His House

          Josh, 14, says he didn't know what a "normal" house was like until he had a sleepover at a friend's house when he was 10. That's when he realized that his mom's hoarding was an issue.

          What to Look for When Choosing Residential Treatment Centers or Therapeutic Schools

          Not all residential treatment centers and therapeutic schools are perfect, nor are they the perfect fit. Dr. Phil provides tips for parents considering these programs for their out-of-control teens.

          The Five Stages of Grooming By a Pedophile

          Ninety percent of child molesters know their victims. Would you recognize a predator near your family? Learn the five stages a pedophile goes through to groom a victim.

          Impact of Child Sexual Abuse on Victims

          The damages caused by child sexual abuse last a long time without the proper healing. Learn the impact on victims.

          Could Your Teen Be Blinded by Love? The Six Warning Signs

          Parents: Are you worried about your teen's love life? Find out the six warning signs that they could be blinded by love.

          Quiz: Is Your Daughter in an Abusive Relationship?

          Research shows that 98 percent of teenage girls who have been abused continue to date the abuser. Your teen could be one of them. Do you know the warning signs?

          Quiz: Are You a Permissive Parent?

          Do you feel your teen is out of control, and you don't know why? Answer this series of questions to find out if you are enabling your teen's bad behavior.

          What Teens Want Parents to Know about Teen Sex

          The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy shares the 10 things teens want their parents and other adults to know about teens and sex.

          Prevent Teen Love Obsessions

          When teens fall in love, they fear they’ll fall apart if they break up, so many get further into relationships before they’re mature enough to handle them. Follow these steps if you fear your teen is becoming obsessed in his or her relationship.

          Family Strategies for Coping with an Eating Disorder

          Dr. Phil offers tips for coping with a family member who has an eating disorder.

          A Call to Action against Bullying

          The alarming rise in the number of teens taking their own lives is leaving parents desperate for answers. Could you be missing cues that your child is in trouble? Do you know what is happening at your child's school?

          Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

          The untimely death of several of celebrities, including former child actor Corey Haim, who were found with prescription pill bottles by their side, has brought the prescription drug abuse epidemic to the limelight. If you fear a loved one may be abusing prescription pills, watch for these warning signs and seek immediate help.

          Dos and Don’ts for Dealing with Suicide

          During the time it takes to tape the Dr. Phil show, almost 200 people in America will attempt suicide. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in 2015, someone in the U.S. died by suicide every 11.9 minutes. Learn the dos and don'ts of talking to a teen who may be planning to take his or her life.

          Suicide Warning Signs

          Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens. If you suspect that your loved one is contemplating taking his or her life, heed the following war

          Suicide Myths

          A recent rise in teen deaths by suicide has parents and educators concerned. Is your loved one at risk? Dr. Phil sheds light on common myths.

          Are You in a Custody Battle?

          Dr. Phil and attorney Areva Martin share advice for smoothing the transition of divorce for your kids and tips to improve your chances of gaining custody.

          Tips for the Tech Addicted Family

          Is your family becoming addicted to technology? Do you find out dinner is ready in the other room via a text message?

          Top Five Ways for Parents to Protect Children

          Dr. Phil offers five important steps for preparing and protecting your children in case a predator tries to abduct them.

          How to Talk to Your Kids about Money

          Financial expert Susan Beacham offers parents tips for talking with their children about money.

          Are You a Competitive Parent?

          Dr. Phil says there’s a difference between nurturing a competitive spirit and pushing your kids to win at any cost. If you’re trying to decide whether or not you are a pushy parent, ask yourself the following questions.

          Sample Anti-Bullying Letter

          The following sample letter can be sent to your state senator to pass anti-bullying legislation.

          Will You Have a Latchkey Kid?

          Is your child ready to stay home alone? How do you prepare them for an unexpected emergency? Consider this safety checklist.

          How to Monitor Your Child’s Cell Phone and Internet Activity

          Sexting is a scary new trend that can land kids in jail. Learn about the newest technologies and applications you can use to monitor your child's activities and whereabouts.

          Top Five Warning Signs that Your Child is in Trouble

          What causes teenagers to make choices that could destroy their future, and why do they give in to peer pressure? What are the signs that your teen is in serious trouble?

          The Sexualization of Your Daughter

          Young girls are growing up faster than ever, while being bombarded with messages that tell them being sexy is better than being smart or talented. Learn when sexualization occurs and what you can do about it.

          Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

          According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, approximately 28 to 30 million children use the Internet. Of that number, one in seven children will be sexually solicited by an online pedophile. Dr. Phil has tips for protecting the ones you love.

          Glossary of Text Messaging Shorthand

          Your teens may be text messaging acronyms to keep you in the dark about their activities. Here is a glossary of common shorthand.

          Risk Factors for Children Who Kill Their Parents

          Dr. Phil and his guests, Nancy Grace of CNN's Headline News, children's rights attorney Paul Mones and criminologist Dr. Denise Boots discuss the common characteristics and risk factors of children who commit parricide.

          Warning Signs of Bullying

          Do you worry that your child is the victim of bullying? Heed the following warning signs, adapted from Jay McGraw's book, Jay McGraw's Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies.

          How Your Online Profile Could Sabotage Your Future

          If you have an online profile, such as Facebook, be aware, what you publish on the Internet for the world to see could end up sabotaging your future.

          Internet Safety Resources

          The Internet is a playground for sexual predators. Learn how to protect your children with these Internet safety resources.

          Advice for Surviving Tricky Parenting Dilemmas

          If you need help when it comes to raising your children, Dr. Phil has advice for making it through tricky parenting dilemmas.

          When Parents Play Favorites

          Do you openly show favoritism to one of your children? Is your bond stronger with a certain child than with another? Dr. Phil cautions parents who play favorites, explaining how it can be toxic to all the children in the home, including the "star" child.

          Missing Persons Resources

          Missing Persons Resources

          Missing Persons Resources

          Missing Persons Resources

          Parents: Breaking Teens’ Bad Habits

          Establish guidelines for your teen so you can coexist peacefully.

          Sports and School: Requiring More from Your Teen

          Does winning on the court or field mean failing in the classroom?

          Excerpt From Clay Aiken’s ‘Learning to Sing’

          In his book, Learning to Sing, Clay Aiken shares what it was like to be bullied as a kid, and how he found his gift, embraced it and changed the experience of his life.

          If You Suspect Your Child is Using Drugs

          A recovering drug addict tells parents what they should be looking for.

          If You Suspect Your Child Has a Mental Illness

          Do you fear that your child is getting out of control and may have an biological or medical issue? Dr. Phil has advice.

          Identify Your Parenting Style

          Dr. Phil offers the following test to help you identify your parenting style.

          Fourteen Characteristics of a Serial Killer

          Could you be raising a serial killer?

          Increasing Your Child’s Intellectual Performance

          Here are some tools to help boost your child's brain power.

          Bibliographical Resources

          Dr. Phil offers the following resources on spanking and parenting.

          National Parenting Survey

          This parenting survey reflects data from more than 20,000 participants.

          Measuring Your Child’s IQ

          The following IQ test was developed by Dr. Frank Lawlis, a former professor and mentor of Dr. Phil.

          Creating a Contingency Contract for Your Child

          This contingency contract for parenting is taken from Dr. Phil's new book Family First: Your Step-by-Step Plan for Creating a Phenomenal Family.

          The Realities of Teens and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

          The surprising facts about the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among teens.

          Helping Teens Survive High School Cattiness

          Dr. Phil joins with Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends and Other Realities of Adolescence, to give parents advice on helping their daughters become accountable for their actions.

          Teens: How to Deal with Disagreement

          Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends and Other Realities of Adolescence, shares her S.E.A.L. tool, used to help teens deal with a confrontation or disagreement.

          Children and Advertising

          Read some surprising facts about advertising that is aimed at your child.

          Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Teen/Parent

          Tips for parents and teens who want to have healthy relationships.

          Teens and Birth Control: What Should You Do?

          Dr. Phil talks with Marty, Erin and Alex of the Dr. Phil Family about the pros and cons of teens and birth control.

          Quiz: Does Your Child Idolize a Celebrity?

          Is your child overly facinated with a celebrity?

          Is Your Firstborn Acting Out?

          Don't understand why your child has begun having temper tantrums or turned into a drama queen? Dr. Phil has some advice that may surprise you.

          Teens and Weight

          Dr. Phil and Jay have advice for teens about controlling their weight and increasing their self esteem.

          Discussing the Birds and the Bees

          How much is too much information?

          Teenage Pregnancy: Adoption or Motherhood?

          Dr. Phil helps a pregnant teenager make the crucial decision about keeping her baby or giving it up for adoption.

          Competitive Parents: Are You Stepping Over the Line?

          Could you be stepping over the line?

          For Parents: How Well Do You Know Your Teen?

          How big is the gap between you and your child?

          For Teens: How Well Do You Know Your Parent(s)?

          How big is the gap between you and your parent(s)?

          Explaining a Parent’s Illness to a Child

          What can a parent say to a child when Mom or Dad is sick? Dr. Phil talks to a woman who's fighting cancer and struggling with how to explain it to her 4-year-old.

          Dealing with Bullies

          How can parents and kids deal with bullies? Dr. Phil has some strategies.

          Myths Teens Believe About Parents

          Teens and parents often baffle each other. Then these myths get thrown into the mix, and understanding each other only gets harder.

          Myths Parents Believe About Teens

          In order to have a successful relationship with your teenager, make sure you don't fall prey to some of the myths about teens.

          Parents and Teens: Getting What You Want

          Advice for parents and teens on how to get what they want for themselves, for each other and from each other.

          “My Daughter Won’t Let Me Date”

          Gloria, a single mom, wants to know how she can date when her 15-year-old daughter yells out "loser!" to the men who court her.

          Rebuilding a Parent/Child Relationship

          How to reconnect and rebuild your relationship in a meaningful way.

          Know the Facts about Teens and Sex

          As shocking as they are, these facts can help you guide your child in making good choices.

          Advice for Teens in Trouble

          If you have questions, it's important that you know where to turn to get the right answers.

          Advice for Parents of Troubled Teens

          If your teen is creating self-destructive situations, you can't afford to not intervene. Dr. Phil offers advice for dealing with an out-of-control teen.

          Talking to Your Teen about Sex

          Dr. Phil and Jay McGraw's advice for parents on how to talk to their teens about sex.

          Teenagers, Sex and Privacy

          How to talk to your child about their sexual activity without violating their privacy.

          Teens and Dating

          Dr. Phil's advice on what is approprate and when.

          Your Parenting Style

          Dr. Phil offers the following chart and advice on meshing your parenting style with your child's personality.

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