Special Strategies for Divorced and Blended Families

Dr. Phil says that most hurdles faced by parents in a nontraditional family structure are the same as those faced by parents in a traditional structure. "Kids are kids, and you shouldn’t assume that because you're soloing the parenting process or parent

The Benefits of Faith

Research indicates tangible advantages to a connection with the spiritual word. Is faith a part of your life? Learn the benefits here.

Sibling Abuse

It has been reported that as many as 53 out of every 100 siblings abuse a brother or sister. It could be happening in your home without you even knowing it. Learn the warning signs if one of your children is being abused and the steps to take to stop it.

Parenting through Change

Screaming, hitting, bullying, temper tantrums ... If your child's behavior is out of control and nothing you do is working, it's time for commando parenting! Dr. Phil explains his technique for creating change in your child's behavior.