Mental Health Matters

Your mental health matters. Can you relate to the topics listed below? Don't suffer in silence. Watch the videos and explore the Web site for answers and support.   Sleep Disorders Find out the benefits of getting a good night sleep, and get tips to

From the Dr. Phil Advisory Board

Sixteen distinguished mental health professionals hailing from distinct backgrounds and varied disciplines provide advice and counsel to Dr. Phil. This blue ribbon panel of mental health experts is known as the Dr. Phil Advisory Board.

Exercise Audit

The following audit asks you to give your best estimate of how often you perform various activities. You will use the information you glean to propel yourself to a new level of personal fitness. Be extremely frank in your responses. PART A: MODERATE ACTIV

Audit for Diet-related Symptoms of ADD

Audit for Diet-related Symptoms of ADD Go through the checklist to assess those ADD symptoms that might be diet related. Since metabolism is often a heredity factor, this study might be helpful in starting a family project to establish support and enthusi

Alcoholism Quiz

Alcoholism Quiz How do you know if you drink too much? Are you simply a social drinker or could you be falling into harmful patterns? This quiz was developed by the Office of Health Care Programs at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. It does not provide a