Prevent Teen Love Obsessions

When teens fall in love, they fear they’ll fall apart if they break up, so many get further into relationships before they’re mature enough to handle them. Follow these steps if you fear your teen is becoming obsessed in his or her relations

A Call to Action against Bullying

The alarming rise in the number of teens taking their own lives is leaving parents desperate for answers. Could you be missing cues that your child is in trouble? Do you know what is happening at your child's school?

Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

The untimely death of several of celebrities, including former child actor Corey Haim, who were found with prescription pill bottles by their side, has brought the prescription drug abuse epidemic to the limelight. If you fear a loved one may be abusing p

Suicide Myths

A recent rise in teen deaths by suicide has parents and educators concerned. Is your loved one at risk? Dr. Phil sheds light on common myths.

Suicide Warning Signs

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens. If you suspect that your loved one is contemplating taking his or her life, heed the following war