Chemistry Test

Circle "True" for all of the statements that express at least occasional problems on your part.  

1. I am no longer physically attracted to my partner.  True   False 
2. My partner makes me feel sexy.  True   False 
3. My partner and I no longer kiss and caress.  True   False 
4. Sex with my partner is energetic and satisfying.  True   False 
5. My partner and I no longer flirt with each other.  True   False 
6. My partner and I would rather be together alone than with other people.  True   False 
7. I no longer look my partner in the eye when we are alone together.  True   False 
8. If we don't have sex every few days, I really begin to miss it.  True   False 
9. At various times I resent my partner.  True   False 
10. I love to give my partner physical pleasure.  True   False 


Any odd-numbered item to which you answered True or even-numbered item to which you answered False scores against your relationship. If your score is higher than three, you obviously have problems with the intimate/sexual aspect of your relationship. Note the items that scored against your relationship so as to use them as objectives in later planning.