Anti-Bullying Pledge - Faculty - GBLT

We the faculty of ______________________________ agree to join together to safeguard against and stamp out bullying of Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (GLBT) students and students perceived to be GLBT in our school.
We believe that everybody should enjoy our school equally, and feel safe, secure and accepted regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.
Bullying can be threatening, physically attacking, pushing, shoving, hitting, and spitting, as well as name calling, picking on, making fun of, laughing at, and excluding someone. Anti-GLBT bullying causes pain and stress to students that are gay as well as students perceived to be gay and is never justified or excusable as "kids being kids," "just teasing" or any other rationalization. The victim is never responsible for being a target of bullying. Our school’s GLBT students, like all students, are entitled to a school and classroom environment that provides an optimum opportunity for education free of fear and harassment.
By signing this pledge, we the school and faculty agree to:
  1. Identify and assess services in our school: Develop a clear school GLBT anti-bullying policy or student bill of rights that explicitly includes sexual orientation and gender identity/expression and display it prominently in classrooms and around the school.

  2. Provide annual, mandatory training for teachers, counselors, librarians, nurses and Title IX coordinators about sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, and on anti-GLBT bullying intervention.

  3. Develop or adopt a curriculum that educates students about bullying as well as a support group for GLBT and straight students.

  4. Have information in the school library on GLBT issues.

  5. Make accommodations for transgendered students including bathroom use, dress codes and athletic teams.

  6. Discuss pro-active anti-bullying measures (such as having lunch with a GLBT student who has been excluded in the past).

  7. Establish support systems for pupils involved in incidents such as peer counseling and mediation.

  8. Establish a system to support and inform parents when incidents of bullying occur.

  9. Offer resources for parents and family members of GLBT students, and involve families in addressing GLBT issues in the school.

  10. Work to include GLBT issues in the curriculum – history, social studies, literature, political science, health, art history, etc.

  11. Offer counseling to students who bully.

  12. Ensure an atmosphere where GLBTstudents feel safe reporting incidents of bullying and confident they will be dealt with and not ignored.

  13. Report all incidents of anti-GLBT bullying immediately to the principal.

  14. When an incident is reported all students involved will be given the opportunity to give their version of the incident.

  15. Put in place sanctions for bullying such as verbal warnings, removal from a classroom or school grounds, a verbal or written apology to the victim, a parent teacher meeting, and detention or expulsion for repeat offenders.

  16. Monitor cases of persistent of anti-GLBT bullying and be fully informed of all incidents and their progress.

Signed by: _______________________________________

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