Former Navy Seal Explains Growing Up Transgender

Kristin Beck, a highly decorated former Navy Seal and former member of the elite Seal Team 6, says she knew from a very early age that she was transgender. After her 20-year Naval career, she became the first former Seal to openly be transgender.
"I knew this in grade school," Beck says. "This is something we struggled with and hid, just in order to not be beat up or killed. You understand that transgender people even today are being killed at a rate of about once per week here in America for being who we are. This is not an easy life. We don't choose this. This is who we are; it's very deep inside, and we just have to live that way."
In the video above, Kristin offers some words of wisdom to Steph, who recently told her family that she is transgender and is struggling to maintain those family relationships.
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